Youssouph Mané (Senegal)
Dance, Doundouns, Percussion

Youssouph Mané was born in Ziguinchor/Casamance in Senegal. He had his first engagement as a dancer with Doman Doman who also tour through Europe. In Dakar, the capital of Senegal, Youssouph Mané has been a member of Africa Djembefola and the Guinean Ballét Matimbo as a dancer as well as a percussionist. In Mbour, where he also works as a dance instructor, he is a member of Baobab Sacre de Nianing. There he founded the band/performancegroup Africa Kan Been.

Bernhard Weiss (A)
Djembe, N'gonin, Udu, Bolon, Waterphone, Electronics

Bernhard Weiss has been several times to West Africa in order to study the traditional music of the Malinke, Susu and Baga. He studied with members of the cult band Percussion de Guinée as well as with Mansa Carnio and the internationally renowned Djembe virtuoso Famoudou Konaté.
Playing traditional instruments like Djembe, Kora, Udu and N' goni he created an individual style which is strongly influenced by Jazz and Electronic Music. Bernhard Weiss had several engagements with the percussion bands Soleil d'Afrique, Makango and Consa. He has immersed himself in sound, experimental percussion and electronic music and has written music for performances, movies and plays that have featured in Vienna and New York.

Sonja Mané (A)
Doundouns, Percussion

Sonja Mané is one of the rare female percussionists in Austria. She found her passion for music in Guinea supported by musicians of Percussion de Guinée and Mervaille. She had various performances with Makango, Soleil d' Afrique and Won Bere. Additionally she worked with percussionists in Guinea and Senegal, where she also occasionally lives.

Manfred Schuster (A)
Djembe, Congas

Manfred Schuster stayed several times in West Africa where he studied with prominent percussionists such as Noumody Keita, Lancei Kanté and Koungbanan Conde in Guinea. He has a particular passion for the traditional percussion music of Mali. His essential aratistic impulses were gained through his extensive studies with Drissa Koné in Bamako. He has immersed in Conga playing and the world of Latin Music. Manfred Schuster has performed frequently with Imani Drum and other ensembles at home and abroad.

Philipp Mayer (A)
Sangpan, Doundouns, Hang, Drums

Philipp Mayer began drumming in 1991 as a member of several Rock Bands. He studied jazz drumming at the Vienna Conservatory and became a member of the Ethno-Pop Band Sen, where he played drums and percussion. For two years he belonged to the legendary Sanetty-Duo. Furthermore he has worked with Jaqueline Patricio (Latin Jazz) as a percussionist. At present he is successful with the band houseverstand. Plays drums and percussions with Megablast, BoomShagg and Die Päpste.

Alexander Meissl (A)
Doundouns, Bass Guitar

Alexander Meissl started his musical career when he was seven playing the trumpet. By the age of thirteen he decided that the Bass would be his main instrument. He studies at the Prayner Conservatoire in Vienna. For five years he has played in several Rock and Funk Bands, and he has also worked with Jaqueline Patricio.
Since 1998 he has been a member of B-Funk Family as bass guitarist (Reggae, Funk), with whom he also performed in the Caribbean Islands. Moreover he was part of the Sanetty – Duo. With the Luisa Cellentano Quartett he toured in Nepal. Works with Tamee Harrison, Christian Schermer&the Fonk and the Max Nagl Quartett.

Thomas Faltin (A)

Thomas Faltin studied jazz-guitar at the Vienna Conservatory. He plays a wide range of styles on his instrument and collaborates with a lot of different artists and bands, e.g. The Buccaneers, Clemens Salesny, Fichtenschaumbad, Flow Bradley and the Walter Sitz Trio.

Paul Wogg (A)
Accordion, keyboards

Paul Wogg learnt to play the piano since he was a little child. Soon he felt attracted to Jazz. While he was studiing in Hallstadt, he got in contact with folk music from Austria, Chile, Korea and Poland. He learnt how to play various instruments and styles of old folk music, irish music, etc. Paul Wogg is very interested in connecting folk music from different countries and cultures and loves music from Romania and Bulgaria.


Angel Rice (A)

Aladin Sani (Nigeria)

Tidiane Ba (Senegal)

Wolfgang Schiftner (A)

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