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Viertelfestival NÖ

Salon Leopold
MQ Wien

Wien Donauinsel, Afrika-Tage Wien

Horn, Kunsthaus Horn Fest

Podersdorf, Seaside Festival

Graz, General-musikdirektion
Wien, WOM

Stadtfest Wien, Michaelerplatz

Wien, Rathaus: Flüchtlingsball.


Wien, WUK

Wien, Altes AKH: Südwindfest

Xalis Global Grooves – Press information

Eight musicians and dancers are joining ecstatic percussion music of mainly westafrican origin with a variety of sounds and grooves ranging from Ambient, Jazz and Soul to Drum'n'bass. Rhythm, dance, fire, emotion. Innovative crossing of cultural borders. Archaic power in new form.

The musical roots of Xalis lie within different styles such as Jazz, Electronic Music, Blues and traditional Mandeng – music. With open minds the musicians fuse these influences to create their innovative sound, focusing on rhythm as an element to connect people.
Up – Tempo Percussion that definitely keeps the audience on the move!

A great number of the Xalis rhythms have their roots in the music of the West African peoples of the Mandeng, Baga and Sussu. Despite the use of complex structures and elaborate polyrhythmic parts these rhythms always have an ecstatic and danceable character and can be profoundly understood by everyone.

The combination of bass, drum-set and electronic sounds as well as the repeated appearances of renowned guest musicians generates a new sound that demonstrates the universal nature of music

The musicians play their instruments with skill, focus and above all energy, and in so doing create a performance of the utmost vitality. The show is complemented with the performance of the charismatic dancer Youssouph Mané. The audience as well as the musicians will sweat their hearts out.

Thanks to the powerful vocal expressiveness of Pat Davis and the supreme execution of a variety of instruments of multicultural origin the band's sound is unique and outstanding.
Xalis incorporate the use of many instruments such as Djembe (West African hand drum), Congas (Latin American hand drums), N'gonin (West African harp), Waterphone (an instrument made of mettle that sounds similar to whalesong), Hang (sounds similar to steel drums), Bolon (a very old string instrument that is low in pitch), Drum Set, Doundouns (West African Bass drums), Bass guitar, Sampler and many more.

However, the instrument central to the music of Xalis is the drum in all its different forms, from the Djembe and Kryin to the Drum Set and beatprogramming.

In the beginning there was rhythm!

©Xalis. All rights reserved.